Andrew Gilbert

Early Stage Researcher - GE Healthcare


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I am an Early Stage Researcher/PhD student working with the cardiovascular ultrasound team in GE Healthcare. I perform experimental research developing new technologies to improve the software systems that process ultrasound scans for physicians. My role as a PhD student within a company allows me to work at the forefront of new technology while still building real products that are used in hospitals around the world. Specifically, my work involves applying deep learning to the medical imaging field. My typical work day involves reading new relevant literature in the field, trying to encode my ideas in software, and working with clinicians to test out the systems we have developed or collect data for our next projects. While my work today is different from many of the courses I studied in school, the fundamental principles of engineering are the same.


I received my bachelors degree in electrical engineering from the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, UT, USA. I then studied electrical engineering at Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA, USA for my master's degree. I am now a PhD student at the University of Oslo in the department of informatics. During my bachelors degree I focused specifically on (a) hardware design, or the architecture of new digital computing chips and (b) modeling brain machine interfaces, or simulating how electrical chips implanted into the brain would interact with neurons. At Stanford I merged these two interests and conducted research on neuromorphic engineering, or the design of computer chips that emulate the brain in the way they perform computations. This research led me to explore deep learning and now at the University of Oslo and GE Healthcare, I use deep learning to analyze and improve ultrasound scanning of the heart. Although my current work is very different from what I first started out doing, each step has taught me something new, and I constantly find myself using different pieces of knowledge from my previous years of education that I never would have expected to apply to my current work. When I began my bachelors degree I was uncertain what I wanted to study and I "stumbled into" a career in science and engineering. However, as soon as I started I was drawn in upon seeing the magic a skilled engineer can produce and I have never looked back since.

Om meg

The greatest challenge for me about pursuing a PhD has been narrowing my focus to a single topic. Throughout my life my interests have been wide-ranging and varying and I love learning about everything from economics to politics to ethics to psychology. The same is true in the rest of my life as I have always pursued a plethora of sports over choosing one. I am always up for a game of football, basketball, frisbee, volleyball, or anything else with a ball and a chance to win. I am also an avid skier, climber, hiker, and runner and just completed my first marathon earlier this year.