Thomas Meyer

Business development manager - Teknova


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Dr. Thomas J.J. Meyer (born in Soulac, France, 1980). With an academic background in both physics [1,2] chemistry [3,4] and professional experience in nuclear environment [5] Thomas has a great understanding of the scientific challenges associated with the deployment of innovations in harsh conditions. His interests and recent industrial project work at Teknova includes design of optoelectronic systems, ray tracing, conception of experimental rigs, optical studies and deployment of harsh environment proof instrumentation for the process and O&G industry. Commissioned in 2010 to 2011 by the research council of Norway as a technical expert for the Eureka cluster Eurogia+ Thomas has also been involved with the evaluation and promotion of large energy projects (> 1 to 5 M Euros) dealing with low carbon technologies. Since then Thomas interests have gradually expanded to include the human and economic prospects of R&D projects. Thomas is currently business development manager at Teknova. [1] PhD & Mphil, development of a new type of concentrating solar cells using fluoropohres and light management to increases the efficiency of c-Si solar cells. Southampton University, UK. [2] BSc (Hons) instrumentation system from Sheffield Hallam University, UK. [3] License of physical and chemical measurement technologies from University of Bordeaux I, France. [4] Technical university diploma (DUT) of physical and chemical measurement technologies from University of Bordeaux I, France. [5] Radioactive waste treatment agent at EDF


My education is a result of a long journey that very few people have the chance to experience. Dropped school in France when was 16, I decided to reorient myself towards a more hand on approach and enrolled in a technical apprenticeship. No more compulsory math or literature but welding and manufacture classes! Through the technical approach I got trained to work in a nuclear plant. Inside the plant the work was not so glamorous (we were carrying lead bricks to create protective barriers against gamma radiation or removing contaminated dust on equipment) but it triggered sparkles of scientific curiosity. Sparkles that certainly ignited some dormant inner fire, two years after having dropped school I decided to take another shot at getting an education and enrolled in chemistry courses to obtain a baccalaureate degree. Got my degree, then switched topic and followed physics classes at the University of Bordeaux in France for two more years. I then applied to Sheffield University for a seat in their bachelor instrumentation program. Got admitted, moved to England, learned English and obtained my bachelor. I then applied for a master and PhD degrees at University of Southampton in the field of optoelectronic devices, more particularly solar cells. If I would have to do it all over again, I would not change a thing.

Om meg

I live in the great city Kristiansand, where I work for Teknova.